ChemSplash® 2

ChemSplash® 2


Our proprietary lineup of disposable chemical protection for reliable, comfortable protection against chemical splashes in a variety of environments.  Our lineup includes both chemical protective coveralls and chemical protective aprons. Both our Chemsplash® 1 and Chemsplash® 2 product lines have been tested against a variety of noxious chemicals commonly found in workplace environments. All chemical suits come with a storm flap over the zipper and tape for extra protection from splashes.  Various styles of suits are offered, both with hood and without hood and with boot and without boot.

ChemSplash® 1

The preferred choice for comfortable disposable clothing. This disposable protective product line offers impervious splash protection against light-duty chemicals, acids and hazardous particles.

  • High moisture-vapor transmission rate for better comfort
  • Innovative suit design provides additional comfort

ChemSplash® 2

The best solution for industrial, petrochemical and other heavy industries requiring protection from more aggressive chemicals, acids and caustics.

  • Lighter and more pliable than competitive fabrics
  • Offers increased comfort in many hazardous environments
  • Provides a broad range of chemical protection
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